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AO bowl, a new organic Japanese eatery and vacuum smoothie bar, recently opened in the East Village on St. Marks Place in August, 2021. AO combines organic, locally sourced, plant-based ingredients with new concepts never seen before in a fast casual setting. Concepts include a revolutionary commercial vacuum blender which prevents ingredients in smoothies from oxidizing (and therefore preventing nutrient degradation), home-brewed Oat Milk, microgreens and sprouts that are home grown on-site, and nitrogen-infused iced coffee and matcha oat milk lattes.

All dishes are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, with no refined oils and no added sugar. The menu is KETO-focused, with various entrees and smoothies designed to accommodate the diet. Additionally, AO is certified kosher by United Jewish Fusion Hakashrut.

The healthy Japanese-inspired entrees include certain items never before seen in a fast casual setting such as Buckwheat Umami, Pineappled Yams, Azuki Rice, Miso Brassica, and Curried Cauliflower. The Acai bowl has only 10g of sugar using natural banana and oat milk as a sweetener, and a Keto version of the Acai has no sugar whatsoever, another rarity in the business of healthy bowl establishments. All granola is homemade and baked on-site. There are also healthy snacks ready to purchase on site from a variety of sustainable small businesses.

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