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AO bowl, a new Japanese eatery and smoothie bar, is introducing the world's first commercial vacuum blender, in partnership with Blendtec, the world's leader in blender technology. A vacuum blender has a few key advantages over traditional blending equipment: the vacuum process removes the oxygen from the blending process, thus eliminating oxidation of the ingredients when the blades cut through at 300 mph. This preserves the nutrients, resulting in better flavor, better color, less separation, and most importantly, various health-related benefits such as more antioxidants and polyphenols than the same non-vacuumed product. The first vacuum blender was introduced in Japan in 2013, with several other companies introducing vacuum products over the last few years, but so far, it's only been a home use product in the health & wellness market. AO Bowl will be the first commercial establishment in the world to introduce vacuum blending to its products, with Blendtec's ultra powerful vacuum compressor system on its commercial Stealth 875 blender. The vacuum blending system will be one of several new food technologies and innovations that AO Bowl is introducing.